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NFL Lines Preseason Week 2

NFL Lines Preseason Week 2

The first week of preseason professional football is in the books. Here is a first look at the betting lines for NFL Preseason Week 2 action.

Here are the NFL preseason Week 2 lines:

Thursday, Aug. 17

Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins (-2.5, 39.5), 7 p.m. ET

Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles (-4, 39.5), 7 p.m. ET

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars (-1.5, 41), 8 p.m. ET

Friday, Aug. 18

Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks (-3, 40.5), 10 p.m. ET

Saturday, Aug. 19

Carolina Panthers at Tennessee Titans (-3, 41), 3 p.m. ET

Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals (-1.5, 40), 7 p.m. ET

Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys (-6, 39.5), 7 p.m. ET

Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins (-3.5, 40.5), 7:30 p.m. ET

New York Jets at Detroit Lions (-5.5, 38), 7:30 p.m. ET

New England Patriots at Houston Texans (-1.5, 40), 8 p.m. ET

Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals (-3.5, 41), 10 p.m. ET

Denver Broncos at San Francisco 49ers (-1, 40), 10 p.m. ET

Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders (-3, 39.5), 10 p.m. ET

Sunday, Aug. 20

Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers (-2, 39.5), 4 p.m. ET

New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Chargers (-3, 42.5), 8 p.m. ET

Monday, Aug. 21

New York Giants at Cleveland Browns (-1.5, 39.5), 8 p.m. ET


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Here are the NFL preseason Week 1 lines.

Wednesday, Aug. 9

Houston Texans at Carolina Panthers (-2.5, 36), 7:30 p.m. ET

Thursday, Aug. 10

Atlanta Falcons (-1.5, 37) at Miami Dolphins, 7 p.m. ET

Minnesota Vikings (-1.5, 36.5) at Buffalo Bills, 7 p.m ET

Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens (-1, 37), 7:30 p.m. ET

Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots (-4.5, 40), 7:30 p.m. ET

New Orleans Saints at Cleveland Browns (-2, 38), 8 p.m. ET

Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers (-1.5, 39), 8 p.m. ET

Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears (PK, 35.5), 8 p.m. ET

Friday, Aug. 11

Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Giants (-3, 37.5), 7 p.m. ET

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cincinnati Bengals (-2, 37), 7:30 p.m. ET

San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs (-4, 38.5), 9 p.m. ET

Saturday, Aug. 12

Tennessee Titans (-2.5, 37) at New York Jets, 7:30 p.m. ET

Dallas Cowboys (-2, 37) at Los Angeles Rams, 9 p.m. ET

Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals (-3.5, 39.5), 10 p.m. ET

Sunday, Aug. 13

Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts (PK, 37), 1:30 p.m. ET

Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Chargers (-2, 37.5), 8 p.m. ET

The Last Golf Major Of The Year

The PGA is in play at the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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This is Jordan Spieth’s last chance of the year at a Grand Slam. Can he close the deal or will another claim the title?

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Odds & Picks To Win The Super Bowl 

Odds & Picks To Win The Super Bowl

Updated Super Bowl LII odds are out. The Patriots are still the favorites. But there are a few contenders to keep an eye on.

Odds & Picks To Win The Super Bowl

Odds as of July 26.

Super Bowl LII Odds
New England Patriots 6-1 5-1
Dallas Cowboys 10-1 8-1
Seattle Seahawks 12-1 10-1
Oakland Raiders 20-1 10-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 10-1 12-1
Green Bay Packers 12-1 12-1
Atlanta Falcons 16-1 12-1
New York Giants 25-1 20-1
Carolina Panthers 20-1 30-1
Kansas City Chiefs 20-1 30-1
Minnesota Vikings 25-1 30-1
Arizona Cardinals 25-1 30-1
Baltimore Ravens 25-1 30-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40-1 30-1
Tennessee Titans 40-1 30-1
Houston Texans 60-1 30-1
Philadelphia Eagles 60-1 40-1
Denver Broncos 20-1 40-1
Miami Dolphins 40-1 40-1
Indianapolis Colts 25-1 50-1
Detroit Lions 60-1 50-1
New Orleans Saints 80-1 50-1
Cincinnati Bengals 50-1 60-1
Los Angeles Chargers 80-1 60-1
Jacksonville Jaguars 80-1 80-1
Los Angeles Rams 100-1 80-1
Washington Redskins 50-1 80-1
Buffalo Bills 80-1 100-1
Chicago Bears 100-1 100-1
New York Jets 100-1 200-1
San Francisco 49ers 300-1 200-1
Cleveland Browns 300-1 300-1

The Oddsmakers’ Pick To Win Super Bowl 52: New England Patriots 5-1

New England should be the favorites. Even without Rob Ninkovich, the defense is going to be just fine. The real story is the offense, which added a big-time playmaker in former Saint WR Brandin Cooks for Tom Brady to exploit.

Why then have the odds drifted from 5/2 to 5/1? I think a lot of it’s due to the Patriots’ schedule. In addition to playing the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins on the road, New England has road games versus New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Denver, Oakland, and Pittsburgh. That’s 5 incredibly tough road games.

5 to 1 are better odds than 5 to 2. It’s still not high enough for me to back the Pats.

The Under The Radar Pick To Win: Atlanta Falcons 12-1 

What’s wrong with the Atlanta Falcons? Granted, their schedule is no cakewalk. The team did get better during the off-season, though. What I’m excited about seeing is how Dan Quinn’s defense takes hold in the Athens of the South. Atlanta’s offense should, once again, be one of the top units in the NFL.

But, man, Quinn really put some assets towards the D. DE Takkarist McKinley could be one of the best defensive ends in the NFL within 2 to 3 years. He should be a starter midway through this season. Drafting ILB Duke Riley in Round 3 was a steal.

I think Atlanta’s a smart bet and I’m a huge New Orleans Saints fan. So, you know it gives me no pleasure to write that.

The Value Pick:  Philadelphia Eagles 40-1

The Eagles made 3 moves that makes them 40 to 1 odds to win the Super Bowl . First, Philly signed WR Alshon Jeffrey. The Chicago WR has as much talent as any WR in the NFL. Second, the Eagles drafted DE Derek Bennett from Tennessee.  The man has a non-stop motor.

Third, the Eagles drafted CB Sidney Jones from Washington in Round 2. Jones, if he’s healthy, should be one of the best DBs from this draft class. Oh, yes, there’s a fourth thing. In Round 3, the Eagles drafted CB Rasul Douglas from West Virginia.

Douglas is tearing it up in training camp. I’m telling you, watch out for Philly. They can win the NFC East, which means they’ll make it to the playoffs. From there, you never know what might happen.

2017 Odds & Picks To Win The NFL MVP Odds & Picks 

2017 Odds & Picks To Win The NFL MVP

The 2017 NFL season here. Already, odds are out on this year’s MVP. Terrific Tom Brady, the winningest quarterback in Super Bowl history, headlines the field. I write more about Terrific Tom. I also analyze the smart and long shot picks. Check it out!

NFL MVP Odds & Picks 

Player Odds
Tom Brady (NE) +450
Aaron Rodgers (GB) +700
Derek Carr (OAK) +900
Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) +1000
Dak Prescott (DAL) +1200
Russell Wilson (SEA) +1200
Matt Ryan (ATL) +1600
Ezekiel Elliott (DAL) +2000
Cam Newton (CAR) +2500
Andrew Luck (IND) +2500
Drew Brees (NO) +2500
David Johnson (ARZ) +3300
Marcus Mariota (TEN) +3300
Le’Veon Bell (PIT) +3300
Antonio Brown (PIT) +5000
Julio Jones (ATL) +5000
Carson Palmer (ARZ) +5000
Sam Bradford (MIN) +5000
Matthew Stafford (DET) +5000
Eli Manning (NYG) +5000
Philip Rivers (LAC) +5000
Adrian Peterson (NO) +5000
Jameis Winston (TB) +5000
Kirk Cousins (WSH) +5000
Alex Smith (KC) +6600
Ryan Tannehill (MIA) +6600
Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG) +6600
JJ Watt (HOU) +6600
Rob Gronkowski (NE) +6600
Khalil Mack (OAK) +6600
TY Hilton (IND) +10000
Von Miller (DEN) +10000
Andy Dalton (CIN) +10000
Carson Wentz (PHI) +10000
Joe Flacco (BAL) +10000
Marshawn Lynch (OAK) +10000
LeSean McCoy (BUF) +10000
Blake Bortles (JAX) +10000
DeMarco Murray (TEN) +10000

The Oddsmakers’ Pick To Win MVP: Tom Brady +450

Brady was spectacular last season. He didn’t start playing until Week 5. He only threw 2 interceptions. He threw 28 TDs. There are plenty of reasons to believe that Terrific Tom comes out and dominates this season from beginning to end.

But, I’m worried about 2 things. First, the Patriots’ schedule implies that Brady has a much tougher time under center this season than he did last season. Second, when is Terrific Tom going to slow down? When it happens, it could happen quickly.

+450 odds are just too low to make a decent buck.

The Smart Pick To Win: Russell Wilson +1200

I prefer Russell Wilson at 12 to 1 odds. Wilson has a desire to play in the NFL for 25 years. What it means is that Russell must keep himself in shape. Not only that, but I love signing Eddie Lacy. Lacy is the type of running back that should help Russell big time.

When Wilson has time, he’s as good as any quarterback in the NFL. I’ve got the feeling Seattle bounces back with a huge season. If they do, it will be because of Russell Wilson.

Russell’s MVP chances rest on an offensive line that played below par in 2016. Again, if Russell gets any time in the backfield, he’s as good as any quarterback in the NFL. I believe Pete Carroll has shored up the Seahawks’ offensive line. I think Russell is a smart play at 12 to 1.   

The Long Shot Pick: Ezekiel Elliott  +2000

I get it. Zeke might be suspended for 2 to 4 games. As of today, though, July 30, Ezekiel Elliott hasn’t been suspended for a single game. He’s almost a shoo-in to lead the NFL in rushing. I also believe that Dak leans more on Zeke as a receiver this season.

There’s just no reason not consider the best offensive player in the NFL for the league MVP. He plays behind the best offensive line. His QB is dynamite. The defense isn’t bad. The owner, Jerry Jones, backs up his players.

I think Elliott offers excellent odds at 20 to 1.

Full list of odds to win the 2017-18 CFB title game

Odds & Picks To Win The College Football National Title

The Clemson Tigers are defending National Champions, but as expected the oddsmakers have installed the Alabama Crimson Tide as the favorite to win the 2018 College Football National Title. The Tide is a low 5 to 2 chalk to take home the top prize.

Is Alabama a deserving favorite? Probably. But at 5/2 it may be a tough bet to swallow for some. Keep reading for other popular College Football National Title betting picks along with the complete betting odds.

Full list of odds to win the 2017-18 CFB title game

The Oddsmakers Pick To Win The CFB Title:  Alabama Crimson Tide 5/2 

Alabama’s offense should be decent. If the Tide sticks to the rushing attack with big Bo Scarborough, the offense might be unstoppable. Then again, Alabama must rebuild its offensive line. Usually, that’s a death knell for teams. Not in Tuscaloosa. Nick Saban is always thinking 3 to 4 years ahead.

The Crimson Tide defense should be exceptional in the secondary. I have no doubt that Alabama’s defensive line has been restocked. There’s nothing to dislike about the Crimson Tide save for the odds.

It’s tough to go undefeated in the SEC. Just because of that, I can’t swallow 5 to 2. 

The Sharp Pick To Win The CFB Title: Oklahoma Sooners 15/1

This is the season the real Oklahoma Sooners come to play. With the retirement of Bob Stoops, Oklahoma has a chance to go in a different direction. Stoops was a fantastic coach. He’s a hall of fame coach. But, I think the program under Stoops in Norman became too mechanical.

The Sooners won’t be mechanical this season. Lincoln Riley is a young, smart, individual who wants to win right away. He could. QB Baker Mayfield is a top Heisman Trophy candidate.  The Sooners return enough on defense to dominate their Big 12 opponents.

That’s the thing. The Big 12 isn’t as deep this season as it often is. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State project to be the two best teams. Oklahoma almost always beats Oklahoma State. That makes Oklahoma a smart play at 15 to 1.

The Value Pick To Win The CFB Title:  Penn State Nittany Lions 20/1

Everyone, I mean, everyone believes the Big Ten comes down to Ohio State and Michigan. Are their memories that bad?  Penn State should have upset USC in the Rose Bowl. The Nittany Lions also beat Ohio State last season.

Why the disrespect? I’m not sure. Penn State returns 4 starters along the offensive line. Those guys are going to block for, arguably, the best QB in the Big Ten, Trace McSorley. They’re also going to block for, arguably, the best RB in the Big Ten, Saquon Barkley.

The defense is young. But, almost everyone on the defense has played. I love Penn State at 20 to 1.

2017-18 CFB Title Odds
Alabama CRIMSON TIDE 3-1 5-2
Ohio St BUCKEYES 8-1 3-1
Florida St SEMINOLES 8-1 8-1
Oklahoma SOONERS 8-1 15-1
LSU TIGERS 12-1 15-1
Penn St NITTANY LIONS 25-1 20-1
Washington HUSKIES 30-1 20-1
Wisconsin BADGERS 40-1 20-1
Georgia BULLDOGS 30-1 25-1
Louisville CARDINALS 10-1 25-1
Michigan WOLVERINES 12-1 25-1
Clemson TIGERS 20-1 25-1
Auburn TIGERS 25-1 30-1
Oklahoma St COWBOYS 20-1 40-1
Texas LONGHORNS 20-1 40-1
Notre Dame FIGHTING IRISH 60-1 40-1
Miami FL HURRICANES 30-1 50-1
Florida GATORS 40-1 50-1
Virginia Tech HOKIES 40-1 60-1
Stanford CARDINAL 60-1 60-1
Tennessee VOLUNTEERS 40-1 80-1
Kansas St WILDCATS 30-1 80-1
UCLA BRUINS 60-1 80-1
West Virginia MOUNTAINEERS 50-1 100-1
Washington St COUGARS 60-1 100-1
Nebraska CORNHUSKERS 100-1 100-1
Oregon DUCKS 60-1 100-1
Boise St BRONCOS 100-1 100-1
Texas A&M AGGIES 100-1 100-1
Utah UTES 100-1 200-1
Colorado BUFFALOES 60-1 200-1
NC State WOLFPACK 100-1 200-1
Georgia Tech YELLOW JACKETS 100-1 200-1
North Carolina TAR HEELS 100-1 300-1
Michigan St SPARTANS 100-1 500-1
Minnesota GOLDEN GOPHERS 100-1 300-1
Northwestern WILDCATS 100-1 300-1
Iowa HAWKEYES 200-1 300-1
Arkansas RAZORBACKS 200-1 300-1
Mississippi St BULLDOGS 200-1 300-1
South Florida BULLS 300-1 300-1
Pittsburgh PANTHERS 300-1 300-1
Houston COUGARS 500-1 300-1
BYU COUGARS 300-1 300-1
Arizona St SUN DEVILS 200-1 500-1
Baylor BEARS 300-1 500-1
San Diego St AZTECS 1000-1 500-1
Wake Forest DEMON DEACONS 300-1 1000-1
Syracuse ORANGE 300-1 1000-1
Texas Tech RED RAIDERS 300-1 1000-1
Indiana HOOSIERS 300-1 1000-1
Maryland TERRAPINS 300-1 1000-1
Kentucky WILDCATS 300-1 1000-1
South Carolina GAMECOCKS 300-1 1000-1
SMU MUSTANGS 500-1 1000-1
Duke BLUE DEVILS 500-1 1000-1
Central Florida KNIGHTS 1000-1 1000-1
Navy MIDSHIPMEN 1000-1 1000-1
Memphis TIGERS 1000-1 1000-1
Western Kentucky HILLTOPPERS 1000-1 1000-1
Colorado St RAMS 1000-1 1000-1
Missouri TIGERS 1000-1 1000-1
Vanderbilt COMMODORES 500-1 1000-1
Boston College EAGLES 500-1 2000-1
Virginia CAVALIERS 500-1 2000-1
Iowa St CYCLONES 500-1 2000-1
Oregon St BEAVERS 500-1 2000-1
Arizona WILDCATS 500-1 2000-1
California GOLDEN BEARS 500-1 5000-1
Temple OWLS 1000-1 5000-1
Cincinnati BEARCATS 1000-1 5000-1
Tulsa GOLDEN HURRICANE 1000-1 5000-1
East Carolina PIRATES 1000-1 5000-1
Tulane GREEN WAVE 1000-1 5000-1
Kansas JAYHAWKS 1000-1 5000-1
Rutgers SCARLET KNIGHTS 1000-1 5000-1
Illinois FIGHTING ILLINI 1000-1 5000-1
Purdue BOILERMAKERS 1000-1 5000-1
Louisiana Tech BULLDOGS 1000-1 5000-1
Army BLACK KNIGHTS 1000-1 5000-1
Wyoming COWBOYS 1000-1 5000-1
Air Force FALCONS 1000-1 5000-1
New Mexico LOBOS 1000-1 5000-1
Utah State AGGIES 1000-1 5000-1
Nevada WOLF PACK 1000-1 9999-1
UNLV REBELS 1000-1 9999-1
FIELD (all others) 1000-1 1000-1
Ole Miss REBELS 80-1 XX
Cowboys Vs Cardinals NFL HOF Game Line & Analysis

Cowboys Vs Cardinals NFL HOF Game Line & Analysis

The Dallas Cowboys will be looking to build on their fantastic 2016 campaign in which they stunned everyone by winning a whopping 13 games as rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott and rookie quarterback Dak Prescott took the league by storm.

Veteran signal-caller Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals will look to rebound from their modest 7-81 season a year ago while getting back into the playoffs after having their three-year playoff run snapped last season.

Both teams will take the first step on their respective journeys when they square off in the first preseason game on the 2017 schedule. Better known as the annual Hall of Fame game.

Dallas Cowboys Vs Arizona Cardinals NFL Hall Of Fame Game Betting Line & Analysis

What: Dallas Cowboys (0-0) vs Arizona Cardinaks (0-0)
When: Thursday, August 3, 2017
Start Time: 8:00 PM ET  
Where: Fawcett Stadium
Stadium: Canton, OH
Spread: Dallas -1.5
Moneyline: Dallas -130 vs Arizona +100
Game Total: 40
Watch: NBC
Stream: NBC Sports Live
Listen: Dallas vs Arizona

Why Bet the Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys (13-4 SU, 10-6-1 ATS) had a fantastic 2016 campaign and they’re hoping for big things heading into 2017, but that’s not really relevant as far as this game is concerned. Instead of seeing Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Dez Bryant and Cole Beasley making plays all over the field, be prepared to see a bunch of second, and more likely, third and fourth string backups battle for the handful of roster spots that are available on every team at this time of year.

I guess it’s a good thing that Dallas can hand the ball to a bunch of experienced veteran running backs like Darren McFadden, Alfred Morris, and Ronnie Hillman, but what they really need to know is whether or not guys like Brice Butler, Noah Brown, Uzoma Nwachukwu and Ryan Switzer can actually catch the ball.

Why Bet the Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals (7-8-1 SU, 6-10 ATS) are looking to get back in the playoffs after seeing their three-year run get snapped in 2016, but they’ll have to get the win in this contest behind either Drew Stanton, Blaine Gabbert, Zac Dysert or undrafted free agent Trevor Knight as opposed to starter Carson Palmer.

Arizona also has a bunch of players competing for reserve roles at both, the wide receiver and running back spots, so you should expect to see more than the usual amount of shuttling in and out at the skill positions for Arizona.

Expert Analysis and Prediction

After signing veteran quarterback Luke McCown this week, the Cowboys will have the best backup on the field in this preseason opener. However, I suspect that McCown won;t play much if at all, leaving the outcome of this contest in the hands of Kellen Moore.

While I’m no fan of the awful Blaine Gabbert, I do like veteran Cardinals backup Drew Stanton. The difference for me in this affair will be Arizona’s superior defense. Right now, I’m thinking Cardinals linebackers Hassan Reddick and Scooby Wright are going to make life miserable for whichever backup is under center for the Cowboys. Take the Arizona Cardinals for the outright win people!

NFL HOF Game + UFC 214 + USMNT Gold Cup Shot = 🔥

Don’t blink because the ten days ahead are jam packed with sports betting action.

  • The US Men’s Soccer team faces Jamiaca for the CONCACAF Gold Cup.
  • Jon Jones faces Daniel Cormier in the UFC 214 headliner.
  • America’s team faces the Cardinals in the NFL’s Hall of Fame game in Canton.

Bet 5Dimes

On Thursday, August 3rd the Dallas Cowboys will face the Arizona Cardinals in the Hall of Fame Game. The Cowboys are 2.5-point favorites to win. If you are betting the moneyline then Dallas pays $100 on $165 while the Cardinals pay $135 on $100. The game total is 40.

UFC 214

All eyes may be on the upcoming Mayweather-McGregor super fight, but don’t blink on UFC 214.

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UFC 214 takes place on July 29 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. The fight card is arguably the most stacked card of the year. The main event features a rematch between Daniel Cormier (19-1) and Jon Jones (22-1).

  • Daniel Cormier +225
  • Jon Jones -265

Jones won the first matchup by unanimous decision at UFC 182 and was expected to defend his belt against Cormier at UFC 200 before being forced to withdraw due to a failed drug test. 

Bet 5Dimes

UFC 214 Fight Card
Daniel Cormier (c) vs. Jon Jones Light Heavyweight
Tyron Woodley (c) vs. Demian Maia Welterweight
Cris Justino vs. Tonya Evinger Women’s Featherweight
Robbie Lawler vs. Donald Cerrone Welterweight
Jimi Manuwa vs. Volkan Oezdemir Light Heavyweight
Ricardo Lamas vs. Jason Knight Featherweight
Aljamain Sterling vs. Renan Barao Catchweight (140 lbs)
Brian Ortega vs. Renato Carneiro Featherweight
Andre Fili vs. Calvin Kattar Featherweight
Eric Shelton vs. Jarred Brooks Flyweight
Kailin Curran vs. Alexandra Albu Women’s Strawweight
Joshua Burkman vs. Drew Dober Lightweight
Dmitrii Smoliakov vs. Adam Wieczorek Heavyweight
(c) – defending champion

USA Vs Jamaica Gold Cup Final

The United States and Jamaica will battle in the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup final on Wednesday. The USMNT beat out Costa Rica 2-0 and Jamaica stunned Mexico by a 1-0 score to make it to the championship game.

  • Jamaica +355
  • USA -445

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2017-18 College Football National Championship Odds & Picks

2017-18 College Football National Championship Odds & Picks

As to be expected, the Alabama Crimson Tide are the favorites to win the College Football National Championship. Alabama is a ridiculously low +310. At those odds, Bama isn’t worth a look. There are too many things that can happen to end any team’s march to a National Championship.

If you are looking for a few other options to bet on to win the 2017-18 College Football National Championship, we have three.

2017-18 College Football National Championship Odds & Picks

School Current Odds
Alabama CRIMSON TIDE +310
Florida St SEMINOLES +850
Ohio St BUCKEYES +875
Oklahoma SOONERS +1300
Michigan WOLVERINES +2500
Washington HUSKIES +2800
Auburn TIGERS +3200
Clemson TIGERS +3500
Texas LONGHORNS +4500
Georgia BULLDOGS +5000
Louisville CARDINALS +5000
Florida GATORS +5000
Oklahoma St COWBOYS +5300
Wisconsin BADGERS +5500
Kansas St WILDCATS +7000
Notre Dame FIGHTING IRISH +8000
Virginia Tech HOKIES +8500
Stanford CARDINAL +10000
Tennessee VOLUNTEERS +10000
Oregon DUCKS +12500
Washington St COUGARS +12500
West Virginia MOUNTAINEERS +15000
NC State WOLFPACK +20000
Texas A&M AGGIES +20000
Nebraska CORNHUSKERS +20000
Colorado BUFFALOES +25000
Iowa HAWKEYES +30000
Utah UTES +30000
Pittsburgh PANTHERS +35000
Northwestern WILDCATS +35000
Baylor BEARS +35000
Arkansas RAZORBACKS +40000
Michigan St SPARTANS +50000
South Florida BULLS +50000
Minnesota GOLDEN GOPHERS +50000
Mississippi St BULLDOGS +50000
North Carolina TAR HEELS +50000
Arizona St SUN DEVILS +50000
Georgia Tech YELLOW JACKETS +60000
Boise St BRONCOS +60000
South Carolina GAMECOCKS +60000
Duke BLUE DEVILS +75000
Kentucky WILDCATS +100000
Indiana HOOSIERS +100000
Texas Tech RED RAIDERS +100000
Missouri TIGERS +100000
Iowa St CYCLONES +150000
Vanderbilt COMMODORES +150000
Boston College EAGLES +150000
Houston COUGARS +150000
Oregon St BEAVERS +150000
San Diego St AZTECS +200000
Navy MIDSHIPMEN +200000
Wake Forest DEMON DEACONS +200000
Memphis TIGERS +200000
Syracuse ORANGE +200000
Colorado St RAMS +250000
Western Kentucky HILLTOPPERS +300000
California GOLDEN BEARS +300000
Maryland TERRAPINS +300000
Arizona WILDCATS +300000
Western Michigan BRONCOS +500000
Central Florida KNIGHTS +500000
Louisiana Tech BULLDOGS +500000
Temple OWLS +500000
Purdue BOILERMAKERS +600000
Virginia CAVALIERS +600000
Illinois FIGHTING ILLINI +600000
Miami Ohio REDHAWKS +750000
Arkansas St RED WOLVES +750000
Army BLACK KNIGHTS +750000
Appalachian St MOUNTAINEERS +750000
Cincinnati BEARCATS +750000
Marshall THUNDERING HERD +750000
Buffalo BULLS +999999
Hawaii RAINBOWS +999999
Wyoming COWBOYS +999999
Rice OWLS +999999
Rutgers SCARLET KNIGHTS +999999
Idaho VANDALS +999999
San Jose State SPARTANS +999999
South Alabama JAGUARS +999999
Middle Tennessee St BLUE RAIDERS +999999
Akron ZIPS +999999
Southern Miss GOLDEN EAGLES +999999
Ball St CARDINALS +999999
East Carolina PIRATES +999999
Eastern Michigan EAGLES +999999
Air Force FALCONS +999999
Kansas JAYHAWKS +999999
Nevada WOLF PACK +999999
New Mexico LOBOS +999999
Texas State BOBCATS +999999
New Mexico St AGGIES +999999
Troy TROJANS +999999
Tulane GREEN WAVE +999999
Florida Atlantic OWLS +999999
North Texas MEAN GREEN +999999
UL Lafayette RAGIN’ CAJUNS +999999
UL Monroe WARHAWKS +999999
Northern Illinois HUSKIES +999999
Utah State AGGIES +999999
Kent State GOLDEN FLASHES +999999
Central Michigan CHIPPEWAS +999999
Ohio BOBCATS +999999
Florida International GOLDEN PANTHERS +999999
Charlotte 49ERS +999999
Fresno State BULLDOGS +999999
Old Dominion MONARCHS +999999
Bowling Green FALCONS +999999
Georgia Southern EAGLES +999999
Georgia State PANTHERS +999999

The Sharp Pick To Win: USC Trojans +825

USC’s got a lot going for it this season. QB Sam Darnold returns. Plus, the offensive line has 2 seniors in Zach Banner and Chad Wheeler. The defensive line should be one of the best, if not the best, in the nation.

But, the real reason to love USC is the Trojans’ schedule. Western Michigan, Texas, and Notre Dame are the only teams USC plays outside the Pac. They should destroy all 3 of those teams. Western Michigan is a MAC team. Texas is going through yet another rebuild. Notre Dame is so highly-regarded this season that they’re 80 to 1 to win the National Championship.

When it comes to the Pac-12, USC is by far the best team. Neither an Arizona or an Oregon school should challenge USC. Utah is always tough. But, USC is better. Washington and Stanford are also always tough. Both lost too much to challenge USC.

There’s a great chance the Trojans go undefeated this season.

The Public Pick To Win: Oklahoma Sooners +1300

So, Bob Stoops steps down as head coach and Oklahoma’s odds to win the college football national championship go up to 13 to 1 from 8 to 1? That’s a head scratcher. The problem with many of these veteran coaches is that they don’t change with the times.

New head coach Lincoln Riley is only 33-years-old. He knows how to win on today’s gridiron. Riley’s already proven to be a terrific recruiter. Oklahoma’s landed two fantastic wide receivers for 2018.

I think Riley’s going to have Oklahoma under the radar. Also, like USC in the Pac 12, which team truly challenges the Sooners for the Big 12 Championship?

The Longshot Pick To Win: Virginia Tech Hokies +8500

Justin Fuente is as good of a college football coach as any you’re going to find. In his first season at the helm in Blacksburg, Fuente led the Hokies to a 10-4 record and an ACC Coastal Division title.
The Hokies could be much better than that this season. Virginia Tech’s defense should be one of the best in the country. The offense might take some time to gel since Fuente must replace his starting QB, and many skill position players.

But, if Fuente can do that, and if the offense gels by mid-season, VA Tech could sneak into the CFP.

The Dog Days of Summer Only Mean More Action

The Golden State Warriors are champions for the second time in three years.

The Pittsburg Penguins are back-to-back Stanley Cup winners.

How do you follow that up?

The U.S. Open…of course!

The 2017 U.S. Open getting underway on June 15th, live from at Erin Hills Golf Course in Hartford, Wisconsin. The oddsmakers at 5Dimes have installed enigmatic Dustin Johson as the 7-1 favorite. Following him are Rory (9-1), Spieth (10-1), Day (12-1) & Rose (15-1).

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Still need more action?

NASCAR Firekeepers Casino 400

The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series travels to Brooklyn, Michigan this week for the FireKeepers Casino 400. The race will be broadcast live on FOX Sports 1 this Sunday at 3 p.m. ET.

Michigan International Speedway is a fan-favorite. The track is grooved for more exciting racing and overtaking. It was repaved in 2012 and the speeds have been lightning fast ever since.

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If you are still reading, you are a die-hard sports fan and that means it is time to start looking at the upcoming NFL season and the gargantuon selection of NFL future we have to offer.

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Post 2017 NFL Draft Super Bowl 52 Odds

Post 2017 NFL Draft Super Bowl 52 Odds

The 2017 NFL regular season may still be months away from getting started, but if you want to know how the recently completed NFL Draft, could affect the Super Bowl 52 odds of several title hopefuls, then you’re in for a treat.

Will the lowly Cleveland Browns take a step forward after nabbing three players in the first round? Will quarterback Mitchell Trubisky prove to be worthy of the No. 2 overall pick? Lat but not least, will the Houston Texans take another step forward after nabbing their quarterback of the future in former Clemson superstar Deshaun Watson?

Let’s find out the answers to these questions and much more.

Post 2017 NFL Draft Super Bowl 52 Odds

  • Arizona Cardinals +3700
  • Atlanta Falcons +1250
  • Baltimore Ravens +4300
  • Buffalo Bills +10000
  • Carolina Panthers +3000
  • Chicago Bears +14500
  • Cincinnati Bengals +6000
  • Cleveland Browns +32500
  • Dallas Cowboys +950
  • Denver Broncos +2000
  • Detroit Lions +6600
  • Green Bay Packers +1150
  • Houston Texans +2275
  • Indianapolis Colts +4000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +10000
  • Kansas City Chiefs +2500
  • Los Angeles Chargers +7000
  • Los Angeles Rams +15500
  • Miami Dolphins +5000
  • Minnesota Vikings +3300
  • New England Patriots +450
  • New Orleans Saints +6600
  • New York Giants +1500
  • New York Jets +20000
  • Oakland Raiders +1400
  • Philadelphia Eagles +5000
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +1250
  • San Francisco 49ers +32500
  • Seattle Seahawks +1125
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +4000
  • Tennessee Titans +4000
  • Washington Redskins +6600

Houston Texans +2275

  • Deshaun Watson – QB – Clemson

Maybe it’s me, but I swear the Houston Texans got the ‘steal’ of the draft by getting Cleveland’s 12th overall pick to nab former Clemson signal-caller, Deshaun Watson. The only thing holding the Texans back the last couple of seasons has been some really horrific play at the quarterback position. While veteran Tom Savage is expected to start, I wouldn’t be surprised if Watson saw the field at some point this season. Not only is Watson a star on the field, but more importantly, I believe he’s by far, the best young leader in the entire 2017 NFL Draft. Make no mistake about it, the Texans’ Super Bowl odds could improve at some point in the near future because of their acquisition of the national championship winning Deshaun Watson.

Carolina Panthers +3000

  • Christian McCaffery – RB – Stanford

I’m going on record right now to say that the Carolina Panthers nabbed a player with the eighth overall pick that I believe is going to be a genuine superstar in former Stanford hybrid running back/receiver/returner Christian McCaffery. I’m expecting the son of former NFL wide receiver Ed McCaffery to make an immediate for the Panthers in a variety of roles while giving Cam Newton and the Panthers’ offense the balance they missed so much a year ago. Don’t be surprised the see Carolina’s Super Bowl 52 odds improve, if ever so slightly as we move closer to the tart f the regular season.

Cleveland Browns +32500

  • Myles Garrett – DE – Texas A&M
  • Jabrill Peppers – LB – Michigan
  • David Njoku – TE – Miami

The Browns had a pretty wild draft if you ask me. On the one hand, the Browns did a great job by not messing up the first overall pick and taking Texas A&M star Myles Garrett. I also like Cleveland’s drafting of hybrid linebacker/safety Jabrill Peppers at No. 25 and Miami tight end David Njoku at No. 29. I expect all three players to make a contribution right away, so that’s good news. However, there’s some bad news for the Browns as well. Cleveland failed to draft a quarterback in the first round and could have had Deshaun Watson at No. 12. Instead, Cleveland waited to grab Notre Dame signal-caller DeShone Kizer with the 52nd overall pick and I believe that decision could come back to haunt them, even though I will say that Cody Kessler looked pretty solid last season – when he wasn’t running for his life that is.

Chicago +14500

  • Mitchell Trubisky – QB – North Carolina

I don’t know what’s going on in the Windy City, but the Chicago Bears made one of the most foolish moves in recent NFL Draft memory by moving up one spot to nab former North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky when they could have gotten him with their original No. 3 pick. Chicago gave up third- and fourth-round picks this year along with a third-rounder next year to get an inexperienced quarterback in Trubisky – all after signing veteran Mike Glennon to a three-year deal in the offseason to replace the departed Jay Cutler. I wouldn’t expect Trubisky to see the field this season – or Chicago’s Super Bowl 52 odds to improve at all.

San Francisco +32500

  • Solomon Thomas – DE – Stanford
  • Reuben Foster – LB – Alabama

The Niners absolutely fleeced the Bears and still managed to get the player they wanted at No. 3 in former Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas

”Kudos to the Bears,” new Frisco GM John Lynch said. ”I give Ryan Pace and John Fox credit for making a courageous move and we’re thrilled with what we got out of it.”

Ya’ think?

In addition of Thomas, the Niners also nabbed an impact player with the 31st overall pick by selecting linebacker Reuben Foster. The former Alabama star was expected to go in the top five but slid down following some pre-draft nonsense and a diluted drug sample that cost him big, but could aid the Niners’ in their quest to get back to respectability. San Francisco won’t contend in 2017, but their upper Bowl 52 odd could improve just a bit after getting two players that will contribute right away. 

Kansas City +2500

  • Patrick Mahomes II – OQ – Texas Tech

The Chief have been perennial double-digit winners ever since Andy Reid set foot in town, but I think Kansas City blew it big-time by jumping up in the draft to take former Texas Tech signal-caller Patrick Mahomes II over Watson. I know Mahomes II has a huge arm and an even bigger upside, but  I believe Deshaun Watson is hands down, not only the best young leader in this draft but a player that I already a better leader than half of the starting quarterbacks in the league. Kansas City’ Super Bowl 52 odds won’t improve because they drafted Mahomes II but they’ll contend anyway.

Jacksonville +10000

  • Leonard Fournette – RB – LSU

The Jags are a longshot pick to win Super Bowl 52, but drafting the gifted Leonard Fournette, I suspect we could see a small change in their upper Bowl 52 odds. While Fournette ha drawn comparisons to Adrian Peterson, I believe Jacksonville’ best offseason acquisition was that of former head coach Tom Coughlin.

Tennessee +4000

  • Adoree Jackson – CB – USC

You may not know as much about Tennessee Titans 18th overall draft pick Adoree Jackson, but you should. Jackson is arguably the most gifted athlete in the entire draft and a player that will make an immediate impact on the defensive side of the ball for a Titans team that went 9-7 last season and is poised to challenge for a playoff berth in 2017. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tennessee’s Super Bowl 52 odds move just a bit because of the addition of Jackson.

Steelers +1250

  • T.J. Watt – LB – Wisconsin

Maybe it’s me, but I’m stunned that T.J. Watt lasted until the 30th overall pick, but everyone else’s loss will be Pittsburgh’s gain. Watt isn’t the most athletic linebacker in the world, but he reminds me of a Brian Cushing or Sean Lee type of player that I all over the field and making play you’d never expect him to make. Watt has a nose for the ball and will help the Steelers on the defensive side of the ball right away. Even if the Steelers’ odds to win upper Bowl 52 don’t improve because of his addition, I fully expect to see T.J. Watt on the field and making plays as a rookie for Mike Tomlin.