2017-18 Odds & Picks To Win The PL Title 

2017-18 Odds & Picks To Win The PL Title

The 2017-2018 Premier League starts on August 11. That’s not a lot of days from now. The favorite to win this season’s Premier League is Manchester City. At +180 odds, I can’t back Man City. Why? Keep reading to find out.

2017-18 Odds & Picks To Win The PL Title 

2017-18 PL Title Odds
Club July 29
Manchester City +180
Chelsea +350
Manchester United +360
Tottenham +900
Arsenal +1150
Liverpool +1300
Everton +6000
Leicester +30000
Southampton +50000
West Ham +50000
Newcastle +55000
Stoke City +100000
Bournemouth +100000
Swansea +100000
Crystal Palace +100000
West Bromwich +100000
Brighton +150000
Burnley +150000
Watford +150000
Huddersfield +200000

The Oddsmakers’ Pick To Win The PL Title: Manchester City +180      

The odds are too low on Manchester City to win the Premier League in 2018. Don’t get me wrong. With Fernandinho, Sergio Aguero, and terrific Nigerian player Kelechi Iheanacho, Man City has as much talent as any squad in the Premier League. I just don’t feel that it’s smart to bet on a team at less than 2 to 1 odds to win the deepest league in soccer.

There are all sorts of reasons why Manchester City should win the 2017-2018 Premier League. Then again, Man City was the favorites last season before Chelsea took home the title by an easy 7 points. 

The Sharp Pick To Win The PL Title: Chelsea +350

Speaking of Chelsea, they’re offering +350 odds to win the Premier League. I wish I could look past this squad. I can’t. In June, Antonio Conte was shopping Diego Costa, Blue’s top striker. Costa and Conte have always had a rough relationship.

But, as of July 30, Costa is still a member of Chelsea. Is that good news? No…that’s great news! I know that Costa and Conte don’t get along. I don’t care. When Costa’s on the pitch, he plays his heart out.

The rest of last year’s Premier League Champions is intact. I don’t understand why their odds are lower than Man City’s. That’s okay. I’m going for it!

The Value Pick To Win:  Everton +6000

I know Everton should have no shot. Then again, Leiceister City won the EPL a couple of seasons ago. So, never say never. What I like about Everton is that they signed Wayne Rooney, the former Man U great. Rooney should help Everton be more competitive in the tough English Premier League. Rooney used to play for Everton. His homecoming could be special.

But, that’s not the only reason I like Everton. Everton is one of the few teams left with a chance to acquire Olivier Giroud. Giroud is one of the best strikers in EPL. If Giroud ends up at Everton, they’ll be an unbelievable bet at 60 to 1.