Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward 2 Odds

Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward 2 Odds

The first fight between Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward ended in drama. Kovalev had no doubt that he won the fight while Ward remained undefeated. The rematch takes place this weekend on Nov. 17. Fight time is scheduled for around 11:00 pm ET, depending on what happens in the preliminary bouts. The fight takes place at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Andre Ward is undefeated at 31-0-0. He has 15 knockouts. Sergey Kovalev is 30-1-1. Kovalev has knocked out 26 opponents. His only loss was to Andre Ward in the last fight.

Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward 2 Odds

Ward is the -153 favorite to beat Sergey Kovalev. Kovalev is at +135 to beat Andre Ward. The over/under on rounds is 9.5.

Can Sergey Kovalev Beat Ward?

Kovalev believes that he won the last fight. Kovalev isn’t the only one who believes it. So, do many boxing analysts and fans. The stats bear out Kovalev’s argument. He landed 126 of 474 punches. Ward landed 116 of 337 punches. Kovalev landed 78 of 232 power punches. Ward landed 61 of 161 power punches. Kovalev won the fight.

Can Andre Ward Beat Kovalev?

Ward controlled the fight. Ward didn’t hit Kovalev as often as Kovalev hit him. It doesn’t matter. Ward’s punches were cleaner. He landed the higher percentage of punches. He controlled the fight from Round 4 on. There is such a thing as ring generalship. That’s what Ward showed.

Kovalev vs Ward 2 Analysis

Sergey Kovalev has only himself to blame. After knocking Ward down in Round 2, Kovalev continued to force the matter only until Round 4. He appeared to take it easy on Ward after Round 4.

I don’t expect Kovalev to do the same this time around. Kovalev knows that if he leaves it in the hands of the judges, he’ll lose yet again. He must go right after Andre Ward this time. He must be more aggressive than he was in the first fight.

The question is whether that helps Kovalev. I don’t believe it does. I’m a huge fan of Sergey Kovalev. But, Andre Ward is unbeatable if you play into his hands. Ward feeds off his opponent’s mistakes.

Going right after the crafty Ward should leave Kovalev much more vulnerable than he was in the first fight. Ward hadn’t fought in two years. He still showed that he’s a master boxer.