Are you a Shark or a Fish?

5Dimes Now Offers Two Unique Poker Rooms!

Play in the 5Dimes Open Waters Poker Room

Dive in and win with the fishes, but keep an eye out for the sharks!

In the Open Waters Poker Room you will find incredible cash games, daily freerolls, sit n go tournaments and a wide variety of games.  Check out the Open Waters tournament schedule now for some of the best poker action.

Play in the 5Dimes Shark Tank Poker Room

Are you a Shark or the Shark’s prey? Get your fill of 5Dimes most challenging poker room in the Shark Tank!

Enjoy smoother gameplay, less disconnects and faster paced action with some of the best players. You will find a wide array of promotions – including 27% Rake Back and much more. Check them all out.

5Dimes is Your Source for Poker Action

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